Tips for Finding the right Freelance Web Developer

Ainal Haque
3 min readNov 17, 2020


There are many reasons for employing a freelance web developer, but you must hire the right person for the task. It’s important to remember that web projects vary in complexity. Therefore, taking the time to assess whether a remote freelance web developer will be able to complete your website transformation to the quality you require is essential. On the other end of the scale, if your relaunch project is relatively simple, it’s worth hiring someone with a reduced skill-set, even if they don’t have many web development projects behind them. Indeed, the cost is not the same as the value.

1. Assess your website requirements
Firstly, it’s important the process with a clear understanding of your desired outcomes from the website transformation. Before you contact a freelance web development service take some time to review your company’s current website and highlight elements that you like about it while noting down the areas that need improving. The complete freelance web developer you hire will be able to work more efficiently if they have a clear idea of what you require from the task. You must try to be as precise as possible when you’re assessing what you need from the project. Once you know exactly what you want, you will be able to select a remote freelance web developer who is equipped with all the correct skills for the website relaunch.

2. Review their portfolio and experience
Secondly, the easiest way to decide whether a freelancer is right for the project is by looking at their past work. Browsing through a potential candidate’s portfolio and asking them to provide further information about their experience is an acceptable thing for a prospective employer to do. This process may even inspire you to develop your ideas about what the website relaunch could look like for your company. You could even search for a ‘freelance web developer near me’ if you require a freelance web developer who’s local to your business. This can be beneficial if you require face to face meetings and need to communicate with the developer regularly.

3. Consider international freelancers
There are unlimited bonuses too, one of the biggest benefits of hiring a remote freelance web developer is that you can hire some of the most talented individuals from across the globe with the click of a mouse. There is a vast range of benefits when you hire international freelancers and these include more reasonable prices and gaining knowledge from other countries. If you decide to hire a freelance web developer in Canada, they will have specialisms that web developers from other countries may not have. It is important to ensure that you will be able to communicate with whichever freelance web developer that you choose.

4. Prioritize good value over price
When it comes to choosing the right freelance web development service for your site’s transformation, remember that price and value are very different. One freelance web developer may be more expensive than another, but their rate will be based on a combination of their coding knowledge and years of experience. When you are paying an individual per day, you are paying for their expertise. Of course, you will need to consider your budget and needs when you begin your search for a trusted freelance web developer, but once that has been established you should explore the options available within your price range. There may be an extremely cheap deal available online, however, this will not necessarily achieve the best result and you may be disappointed when you are relaunching your website.

5. Look at previous customer reviews
Now you need to take the first steps towards deciding if you’ve found the best freelance web developer for your website transformation. If you want to make sure you’re hiring a trusted freelance web developer, it’s easy to browse through their recent projects online. You’ll be able to browse testimonials from previous employers, too. If you’ve found a freelancer who suits your job description, but you’re not sure whether to hire them, finding out how they’ve worked alongside other businesses is a great way to guarantee they’re a good fit. Spending some time reviewing previous customers’ testimonials will help you find the perfect freelance web developer for the task at hand.

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