Reasons to Choose a Freelance Web Developer

Many of the world’s largest and most profitable corporations will hire a freelance web developer to ensure that their site offers cutting-edge functionality and advanced features that create an impact on users across the globe. Regardless of the size of your digital team, a freelance web developer will have the ability to inspire your employees, while they building an impressive website to engage with both new and existing customers. Indeed, around 10% of web development professionals work on a freelance basis, so you won’t be limited when you make this important choice.

1. You’ll face fewer overheads

Firstly, if your business has more regular outgoings, there is an increasing pressure on the company to earn a higher gross profit. This means that your company won’t be able to take as many risks and you may not be able to grow your business as quickly as you’d like. Hiring a web developer on a full-time contract will come at a substantial cost and you may not need their services once the website has been launched. Therefore, hiring a freelance web developer will reduce costs because you will only be paying for an agreed service.

2. Lower costs for your company

Secondly, recruiting new members of staff is one of the most costly elements of running a business. When you are hiring a freelancer, you don’t have the extra costs associated with hiring a new employee. These include medical insurance and redundancy packages. However, if you employ a web development agency, you will also incur management costs. Therefore, hiring a freelance web developer is an excellent choice for many reasons — not just that you’ll end up paying less for a high-quality service.

3. Greater agility when building your site

If you have a project in mind, you can hire a freelance web developer to start the project immediately. This project can flow quickly and seamlessly in the hands of a trusted freelance web developer. Meanwhile, you can relax in the knowledge that the website is being developed while you can continue to run your business. It’s important to regularly check-in with the development and maintains contact with your remote freelance web developer to ensure the project is on track. Hiring a freelancer can also be motivating for your team, this is because the web developer will move the project along at a fast pace, bringing fresh, new ideas to your company as they work alongside your digital team.

4. Direct communication with the website developer

Hiring a freelancer is simple: there’s just one person you need to communicate with. Working directly with a web developer results in an easy and effective working relationship. Companies are choosing to hire more freelancers for web development projects because it’s easy to communicate with an industry-standard professional than it is to deal with large web development companies and design agencies. Indeed, you will be dealing with one freelance web developer, therefore you must choose someone who specializes in the type of site you need and who can manage your company’s technical requirements.

5. Choose from international professionals

The benefit of working with a remote freelance web developer is that you can hire talented workers from across the globe. This means that you can choose from a freelance web developer from Canada, or elsewhere in the world. Many freelancers have worked for multinational tech companies and they’re now interested in working independently on separate projects for individual clients. Previously, there was a limit to who you could hire for your website relaunch. Location is now irrelevant which means you can choose from some of the best developers — even if they live thousands of miles from your head office.

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Ainal Haque

Ainal Haque


I’m a Sr. Web Designer and Developer. As a freelance web designer and developer in the web field over 10 years, I work with clients around the world