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In today’s technology-led marketplace, there’s no question about how important a well-crafted website is for your business. This is why many companies allocate sizable budgets and time to get their website designed and developed by professionals.

But what happens once it goes live? Well, in the old days, the answer would have been “nothing”. Many companies didn’t revisit their website at least for another year until they decided it’s time for a major revamp. But the role of a website is far more complex today.

The truth is, things really begin to unfold only when your website goes live. This…

Which is best for your business? Freelancer Web Designer vs. Website Design Company.

An independent web designer and a website design agency can offer distinct advantages to a business. This makes it essential to understand why you should hire one over the other. So, let’s take a look at what each of these options can bring to the table to serve your website needs.

Who is a freelance website designer, and how can they help your business?

These are highly skilled independent service providers who work on their own, usually from home. Their website design and development services can range from custom website designing to CMS development. And you can hire a web designer per hour or at a fixed fee, depending on your business needs.

For any business, the website is often the first point of contact with a stakeholder, regardless of its industry or the scale of the operation. Just think about it for a moment. Whether it’s a customer, potential employee, investor, or even a supplier, anyone interested in getting to know your company would turn to your website before anything else.

So, it’s an important communication tool for a modern-day business, and having just another website is not good enough if you want to impress. And with the pandemic driving more and more companies online, there’s even more pressure now to ensure…

Your freelance web developer will support you as you transform your website and engage with existing and potential customers across the world. A successful website is characterized by its simplicity, usability, and responsiveness. While you are monitoring the progress of your new website, check how the site looks on your phone. Most people access websites for the first time on their phone and if your site has an impressive impact on a computer monitor, but doesn’t work properly on a mobile screen, you will fail to engage with your website’s users. …

Working with a freelance web developer is different from working with a permanent member of staff. The website developer won’t have any previous knowledge about your company and the way that it works. This means that communicating effectively is essential to a healthy and free-flowing working relationship. It’s important to ask questions early on in the process, to avoid confusion or duplicated work. A lack of communication can become a costly endeavor for your business. Approach the task with an open mind and listen to your remote freelance web developer’s advice and opinions about the new website. …

There are many reasons for employing a freelance web developer, but you must hire the right person for the task. It’s important to remember that web projects vary in complexity. Therefore, taking the time to assess whether a remote freelance web developer will be able to complete your website transformation to the quality you require is essential. On the other end of the scale, if your relaunch project is relatively simple, it’s worth hiring someone with a reduced skill-set, even if they don’t have many web development projects behind them. Indeed, the cost is not the same as the value.

A good web developer can build almost any type of website you can think of. Web developers — or coders — are engineers who create the site’s functionality by coding in a variety of languages. The most prevalent coding languages include HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, jQuery, AJAX etc. A freelance web developer will be able to create advanced websites from a combination of these languages. A website developer will often have a more advanced coding ability than a web designer, enabling you to create complex functionalities for your company’s site. Developers are also the experts you will contact if…

Web development is a highly skilled process that requires analytical skills, focus, and a logical approach to building a website. Every website is constructed through a variety of coding languages, these translate to the functionality of the site. Your freelance web developer will support you every step of the way as you work in partnership to optimize your company’s website. This will enable your website to flow seamlessly and engages both current and potential customers.

It’s good to understand the basics of web development before you start this project. When you build a website, there are two key components: design…

Choose a Freelance Web Developer

Many of the world’s largest and most profitable corporations will hire a freelance web developer to ensure that their site offers cutting-edge functionality and advanced features that create an impact on users across the globe. Regardless of the size of your digital team, a freelance web developer will have the ability to inspire your employees, while they building an impressive website to engage with both new and existing customers. Indeed, around 10% of web development professionals work on a freelance basis, so you won’t be limited when you make this important choice.

1. You’ll face fewer overheads

Firstly, if your business has more regular outgoings…

Ainal Haque

I’m a Sr. Web Designer and Developer. As a freelance web designer and developer in the web field over 10 years, I work with clients around the world

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