30 Great Tips for Building your Website

1. Have a Clear Goal

2. Write Your Own Content

3. State Your Purpose Clearly and Quickly

4. Tell Customers What You Can Do for Them

5. Utilize Calls to Action

6. Develop a Page Hierarchy

7. Draw Inspiration

8. Professional Website > Personal Accomplishment

9. Own Your Domain

10. Choose a Reliable Host

11. Consider Future Growth

12. Get a Designer You Admire

13. Seek Samples and References

14. Consider the Project’s Scale

15. Peruse Pre-Made Themes

16. Stay Away from Free Themes

17. Add a Face

18. Tell a Personal Story

19. Set Up Easy Contact

20. Always Include a Contact Form

21. Keep Design Elements Simple

22. Make Text Easy-to-Read

23. Add Valuable Images

24. Avoid Cheap Stock Photography

25. Include Customer Testimonials

26. Scout Good Images

27. Add Video Elements When Possible

28. Insist on a Mobile Site

29. Research SEO

30. Learn as You Go



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Ainal Haque

Ainal Haque


I’m a Sr. Web Designer and Developer. As a freelance web designer and developer in the web field over 10 years, I work with clients around the world